Jeremiah 23:33-40

False prophets and their false prophecies

33 ‘These people or a prophet or a priest may ask you, “What is the Lord saying?” Then you must say to them, “ ‘I will leave you,’ he says”. 34 If a prophet or a priest says, “This is a message from the Lord”, I will punish him. I will punish that man and all the people who are in his house. 35 You can ask your friends and families questions. “What is the Lord's answer?” or “What has the Lord said?” you can say. 36 But you must not speak again about the Lord's message. You say that it is a message from the Lord. But you are really speaking your own words. In that way, you change the words of the living God. You change the words of the great powerful Lord, our God. 37 You can ask a prophet, “What is the Lord's answer to you?” or “What did the Lord say?” 38 You might say, “This is the Lord's message.” But the Lord says to you, “You said that your words were my message. You did that. But I had told you not to use the words, ‘This is the Lord's message.’ ” 39 Because of that, I will certainly forget you. I will push you away from me and from this city. You will leave the city that I gave to you and to your ancestors. 40 I will make you ashamed. People will always remember that I made you ashamed. They will not forget.’