Jeremiah 22:10-12

A message about King Jehoahaz

10 Do not weep because the king is dead.

Do not be sad that he no longer lives.

Instead, weep for the king that has gone away.

He will never return to see his own land again.

22:10King Josiah was the king who had died. He had been a good king. King Jehoahaz was the king that enemies had taken away to a foreign land. Shallum is another name for King Jehoahaz. See 2 Kings 23:31-34; 1 Chronicles 3:15.

11 Josiah's son, Shallum, became king of Judah after his father died. But enemies took him away as a prisoner to a foreign land. The Lord says this about him: ‘He will never return to this land. 12 He will die in the foreign land where they took him as prisoner. He will not see this land again.’