Jeremiah 20:7-18

Jeremiah cries out to the Lord.

7 Lord, you did not tell me how bad they would be to your prophet.

You caused me to believe something that was not true.

You fought against me.

You are stronger than I am. And you won.

Nobody believes the words that I speak. They think all the time that I am a fool.

8 Every time that I speak, I have to tell them bad things.

I shout out that their enemies are all round them.

And I shout that their enemies will fight. I shout that they will kill them.

These words of yours make them angry with me.

So they say bad things about me all the time.

9 I want to keep quiet. I do not want to talk about you.

I tried to do that. I said that I would not speak on your behalf.

But then your words burned like a fire inside me. They did not give me any rest.

I am too tired to hold them in. I cannot do it.

10 I hear voices that say, ‘Everything round you should make you afraid!

Let us tell the officers what he is saying.’

All my friends are waiting for me to make a mistake. They say,

‘Perhaps we can cause him to believe something that is not true.

Then we can punish him for the bad things that he has said.’

11 But the Lord is with me like a strong soldier.

So those who are against me will fail. They will not win.

They will fail completely. They will be very ashamed for all time.

People will never forget that nobody should honour them.

12 Great and powerful Lord, you look at all the people.

You know what they think. They think that they are right.

Let me see you punish them. Do that because I am trusting you to help me.

13 Sing to the Lord!

Give praise to the Lord!

He saves the lives of poor people from the things that bad men do.

14 I will put a curse on the day that I was born.

I do not want the day that I was born ever to be happy.

15 I will put a curse on the man who told the news to my father.

He made my father very happy. He said,

‘You have a son!’

16 I want the Lord to kill the man who said that.

The Lord was not sorry to destroy our towns.

Destroy that man like that.

I want him to hear people who are crying in the morning.

I want him to hear the shouts of men who fight at noon.

17 The Lord did not kill me before I was born. I am angry about that.

I was not a dead body buried inside my mother.

That body would have kept her big for her whole life.

18 I do not know why I came out from my mother.

I only get troubles and things that make me sad.

People will only say bad things about me when I die.