Jeremiah 18:18-23

The people turn against Jeremiah

18:18Jeremiah had made the people angry. So they wanted to attack him.

18 Then some people said, ‘We must find a way to stop Jeremiah. We do not need him. The priests will still be here to teach us. Wise men will still be here to give us advice. The prophets will still be here to give us God's messages. We should speak bad things against Jeremiah. Then we will not have to listen to him any more.’

19 ‘Please listen to me, Lord!

Hear what my enemies are saying against me.

20 I have done good things for them,

but they are paying me back with evil things.

They have already dug a grave for me!

Remember that I stood in front of you

and I asked you to forgive them.

I asked you not to be angry with them.

21 So now I ask you to punish them!

Yes, may famine kill their children.

May they die in war.

May wives no longer have husbands or children.

May disease kill the old men.

May the young men die in battle.

22 Send people to attack them suddenly

and rob them in their homes.

Then they will shout aloud in great fear.

They have dug a hole for me to fall into.

They have prepared traps to catch me.

23 But Lord, you know how they want to kill me.

They are guilty, so do not forgive them.

Do not forget to punish them for their sins.

Put them under your power!

Punish them while you are still angry!’