Jeremiah 15:10-21

Jeremiah complains to the Lord

10 ‘This is terrible for me!

I am sorry, mother, that you gave birth to me.

I cause trouble and arguments

wherever I go in the land.

I never lend money to people,

and I do not ask them to lend money to me.

But everyone curses me anyway.’

11 The Lord said,

15:11The Lord may be replying to Jeremiah, or he may be talking to the people of Jerusalem.

‘I will take care of you

so that it brings something good for you.

I will cause your enemies to ask you for help.

They will come to you when they are in trouble.

12 Your enemy that comes from the north

is like a weapon made from iron and bronze.

You will never break it.

13 I will give all your valuable things to your enemies.

They will take them all away.

You will receive nothing in return.

That will pay for the sins that you have done

everywhere in your land.

14 Your enemies will make you their slaves

in a land that you do not know.

I will punish you as if in a hot fire,

because I am very angry with you.’

15 ‘Lord, you understand my problems.

Remember me and take care of me.

Please punish those people who hate me.

Do not be so patient with them that they kill me.

Remember that they have insulted me

because I am serving you.

16 As your words came to me,

I took them into me like sweet food.

I belong to you, Lord, God Almighty,

so your words made me very happy.

17 When people were enjoying wild parties,

I did not join with them.

I sat alone, because you held me.

You caused me to be angry with those people.

18 I am in pain which never ends.

People have hurt me and nothing makes it better.

Why are you not there to help me?

You are like a stream that becomes dry

and it has no water.’

19 So the Lord said this to me:

‘If you turn back to me,

I will help you to be strong.

Then you can continue to serve me.

Speak valuable words instead of useless words.

Then you can speak on my behalf.

These people must change to be like you have been.

You must not change to become like them.

20 When these people attack you,

I will make you like a strong wall.

You will be like a wall that is made of bronze.

The people will not be able to knock you down.

I will be with you to protect you.

I will keep you safe.’

That is what the Lord says.

21 ‘I will rescue you from the power of those wicked people.

I will keep you safe from those cruel people.’