Jeremiah 15:10-21

Jeremiah is angry with the Lord.

10 I am sorry, mother, that I was ever born.

Everyone in the country is against me.

I have not lent money and I have not taken it.

15:10Jeremiah is saying that he has not done anything wrong.

But everyone says bad things about me.

11 ‘I will save you so that I can do good things.

I will cause your enemies to ask you for help.

They will come to you when they have great trouble,’ the Lord said to me.

12 ‘A man cannot break iron or other metals.

He cannot break the iron from the north.’

15:12This iron belongs to the armies of Babylon.

13 ‘I will give all your valuable things and all your money

to enemies who will attack you.

They will not pay for them

because you have done so many wrong things.

You have done bad things all over the country.

14 Your enemies will make you slaves.

They will take you to a country that you do not know.

I am very angry. And so I am like a fire that will burn you.’

15 You understand my problems, Lord.

Remember me and care for me.

Please punish those who cause so much trouble to me.

You are patient but do not let them kill me. Remember me.

They have made my life difficult because I work for you.

16 Your words were like sweet food to me.

They made me very happy.

I belong to you, Lord, powerful God.

17 I never sat with happy people at a party.

I sat alone, because you had touched me.

You had made me very angry.

18 My pain has no end.

And there is nothing that can help me to feel better.

It seems to me that you are not always there.

You are not always there when I need your help.

19 So the Lord spoke to me.

‘If you will turn to me, I will take you back.

Then you can be my servant.

If you will speak good words and not bad words,

you can speak for me.

These people will return to you,

but you must not become like them.

20 I will make you like a wall to this people.

You will be like a wall of strong metal.

They will fight against you,

but they will not win the fight.

They will not win because I am with you.

I will save you,’ says the Lord.

21 ‘I will save you from bad men who attack you.

I will save you from people who want to hurt you.’