James 5:1-6

Troubles for rich people

1 Now, listen to me, you rich people. Weep and cry aloud, because many troubles will soon happen to you. 2 Your money no longer has any value. Insects have eaten your beautiful clothes and they have spoiled them. 3 You have stored silver and gold coins to spend for yourselves. But dirt has spoiled those coins. That dirt will show that you are guilty. It will become like fire that is burning your bodies. In the last days of this world you have stored all this money for yourselves. 4 But you have not paid anything to the people who worked in your fields. Listen! You have cheated them and now they are speaking against you. The Lord of great power has heard them when they shout to him for help. He knows that you are guilty. 5 As you live here on this earth, you have had all that you wanted. You have lived like kings. You have eaten as much food as you want. So now you are like fat animals that are ready for men to kill. 6 As for the person who has not done anything wrong, you say that he is guilty. You have even killed him. He could not stand against you.

5:6Rich people must be careful about how they use their money. Their money comes from God and they are his servants. If they use their money only to make themselves happy, God will punish them. He knows when they cheat other people. He wants us all to be good to people who work for us. We should pay them properly. It also makes God happy when rich people give money to help poor people.