Isaiah 9:1-7

Good news for God's people

1 But the darkness will not continue for ever. Those who had no hope will no longer be afraid. In past times, God let trouble happen to the land of Zebulun and the land of Naphtali. But in future years, he will cause the people of that region to be great. Those are the places near the sea, and those beyond the Jordan River, and Galilee region where people from other nations live.

9:1Zebulun and Naphtali were two of Israel's tribes.

2 The people who walk in the dark now see a bright light! Light is shining on those people who live in a land of complete darkness.

3 You, Lord, will make your nation stronger. You will cause your people to be very happy. They will be happy because you are with them. They will be like people who are happy at the time of harvest. They will be happy like soldiers who have won a battle, and who share their enemy's valuable things among themselves.

4 They are happy because you have removed the power of their cruel enemies. They no longer have to carry a heavy load, as slaves. You have rescued them from their enemies, in the same way that you won against Midian's army.

9:4See Judges 7-8.

5 Fire will destroy every shoe that the soldiers wore to march into the battle. Their clothes which have the blood of war on them will also go into the fire.

6 Yes, your people are happy! A child has been born for us. We now have a son with the authority to rule. His names will be:

  • Wonderful Advisor,
  • Mighty God,
  • Father for Ever,
  • Ruler who brings Peace.
  • 7 His authority to rule will be very great. The peace that he brings will never have an end. He will rule as king over David's kingdom. He will make it strong and safe, because he will do what is right and fair. He will rule like that now and for ever. The Lord Almighty will make those things happen, because he loves his people.