Isaiah 8:11-15

The Lord's message to Isaiah

11 Now the Lord spoke to me with great power. He warned me that I must not be like the other people in Judah. He said,

12 ‘Those people are talking about an agreement to turn against the rulers. But do not agree with what they say. Do not be afraid of the things that frighten them. Do not be afraid, as they are. 13 Instead, you should understand that the Lord Almighty has all authority. You should respect him as holy and be afraid of him.

14 He will be a safe place for you. But for both nations in Israel he will become like a stone that causes people to fall to the ground. He will be like a rock that makes them fall down. He will take hold of the people who live in Jerusalem, like a trap that catches a bird. 15 Many people will fall against that rock. They will fall to the ground and it will hurt them. They will become caught in a trap.’

8:14The two nations were Judah in the south, and Israel (or Ephraim) in the north. The Israelite people had become two kingdoms.