Isaiah 63:1-6

The Lord punishes the nations

1 Who is this who is coming from Edom?

He is coming from Bozrah

and his clothes are bright red.

He wears beautiful royal clothes,

and he marches forward with great strength.

He says, ‘It is me! I, the Lord, tell you that I have won the fight!

I have the power to save you.’

2 But why are your clothes red?

You look like someone who has walked on grapes,

and you have squeezed them to make wine.

3 He says, ‘I have walked on the grapes alone.

Nobody from the nations came to help me.

I walked on them because I was angry.

I squeezed them to pieces in my anger.

Their blood splashed on my clothes,

and it made all my clothes dirty.

4 I decided that it was time to punish my enemies.

Then I would save my people from their power.

5 I looked for somebody to give help,

but there was nobody.

I was very upset,

because nobody was there to help.

So I used my own strength to rescue my people.

My anger helped me to be strong.

6 Because I was angry,

I walked on the nations to punish them.

My anger was like strong wine that made them drunk.

I poured their blood on to the ground.’