Isaiah 5:1-7

The song of the vineyard

1 Now I will sing a song for the person that I love. I will sing to him about his vineyard.

‘The one that I love had a vineyard.

It was on a hill where the soil is good.

2 He dug the ground and he removed the stones.

He planted the best vines in it.

He built a tower in the middle of the vineyard

so that he could watch it.

He built a place to squeeze the grapes

to make wine.

Then he waited for the vines to make sweet grapes.

But the vines made only bitter grapes.’

3 So now, listen to me, you people who live in Jerusalem and in Judah. You must be the judge! Who did what was right? Was it me or my vineyard? You decide!

4 I did everything that I could to help my vineyard. I could have done no more! But when I waited to get sweet grapes from the vines, there were only bitter ones! Why was that?

5 Now I will tell you what I will do to my vineyard. I will break down its walls, so that it becomes an open field. Then wild animals will go in and they will destroy the vines.

6 I will make the land become useless. Nobody will take care of the vines. Nobody will dig the ground. Weeds and thorn bushes will grow there. I will command the clouds, ‘Do not drop any rain on it.’

7 Israel's nation is like the vineyard of the Lord Almighty. Judah's people are his beautiful garden. But when the Lord looked there for justice, he found only murder! When he looked for people who were righteous, he saw that they were cruel.