Isaiah 59:16-21

16 He saw that there was nobody who would help,

and he was very upset.

So he used his own strength to help.

Because he had to do what was right,

he made his people safe.

17 He always does what is right,

like a soldier who always puts on his armour.

His power to save people

is like the helmet that he wears.

He is angry against people who do evil things,

and he works hard to punish them.

That is like the clothes that he wears.

18 He will punish his enemies

for the bad things that they have done.

He will be very angry with them.

He will punish all his enemies,

even those who live in lands far away.

19 Then people who live in the west

will respect the Lord's name.

And people who live in the east

will see how great he is.

The Lord will attack them like a fast river.

He will blow them away with a strong wind.

20 The Lord says,

‘A Redeemer will come to Zion.

He will come to save Jacob's people

who turn away from their sins.’

21 The Lord says, ‘This is the covenant that I make with those people. My Spirit is now with you, and he will not leave you. I have put my words into your mouth, and they will always be with you. They will continue to be in the mouths of your children, and your descendants for ever.’

That is what the Lord says.