Isaiah 55

1 ‘Listen! Everyone who needs a drink, come to get water! If you have no money, still come! Buy food to eat! Come and buy wine and milk! You do not need to pay anything for it!

2 Do not spend money on anything that is not real food. Do not work for things that do not really help you. Listen carefully to me. Eat something that will make you strong! Enjoy the best food!

3 Listen and come to me! Hear me, so that your spirit may live! Then I will make a covenant (of peace) with you all, that will never end. It will be like my covenant with David.

4 Remember this too. David became someone that the people in every country could listen to. I caused that to happen. And I made him a leader and a ruler of all the countries.’

5 ‘So you too will ask a country that you do not know to come to you. And a country that does not know you will hurry to you. That will happen because the Lord is your God. He is the Holy God of Israel. And he has made you really great!’

55:5Verses 3-5 The things that God promised to David will happen. They will happen because of what God's Servant will do.

6 Come to the Lord while he will let you find him. Talk to him while he is near you.

7 The very bad man must stop doing bad things. And the very bad man must stop thinking his bad thoughts. He must turn to the Lord, who will be kind to him. And he must turn to our God, because God will certainly forgive him.

8 ‘That is because my thoughts are not your thoughts. And neither are your actions like my actions.’ Those are the words of the Lord.

9 ‘As the skies are higher than the earth, so are my actions better than your actions. Also, my thoughts are better than your thoughts like that too.

10 The rain and the snow come down from the skies. And they do not return to them until they have put water on to the earth. And they cause plants to grow in the earth. Then the plants become strong. Then they give seeds for the gardener and they give bread for the eater.

11 It is the same with the word that I speak. It will not return to me empty. It will do what I want it to do. And it will cause the purpose that I sent it for to happen.

12 You will be happy because you are going out. And you will follow your leader. There will be peace for you. The mountains and the hills will sing songs in front of you. And all the trees in the fields will hit their hands together!

13 Where there are thorny bushes now, pine trees will grow instead. And where there are briars now, myrtle bushes will grow instead. That will make the Lord famous. It will always be something that nobody will destroy.’