Isaiah 50

1 The Lord says, ‘Your mother (Israel) does not have a divorce-notice. I mean that I did not send her away with a notice. I do not have any debts. So I did not sell you for that reason. I sold you because of your sins. I sent your mother away because of wrong things that she did.

2 Nobody was there when I came. Nobody answered when I spoke to my people. My arm was not too short to ransom you. I was not too weak to save you. Look! With only a word I can make the sea dry. I can make rivers into sandy places. The fish in them will die because there is no water. And they will die because they need water.

3 I can make the sky dark. And I can cause it to be like I have covered it with hairy cloth.’

The Third Song about the Servant

4 (The servant says), ‘The Lord God has given his message to me, and I am able to speak it. I know what to say to help weak and tired people. The Lord wakes me up every morning so that I can learn something. I listen carefully to him, as a student listens.

5 The Lord God has opened my ears. I have obeyed him and I have not turned back.

6 I offered my back to the people who hit me. And I offered my face to the people who pulled out my beard. I did not hide my face when they did those things. They laughed in a bad way at me and they spat at me.

7 The Lord God will help me. So, I will not be ashamed. I have made my face hard like a stone. So, I know that I will not be ashamed.

8 He, the Lord, says that I am right. He is near to me. Some people are saying bad things about me. We should talk to each other! Some people have said that I have done wrong things. We should talk about it together!

9 Watch this happen! The Lord God will help me. Someone may say that I have done wrong things. But people like that will all become like very old clothes. It will seem like the moths will eat them up!’

10 Perhaps someone among you respects the Lord well. Perhaps you obey his servant. Some people walk in the dark and they have no light. They should trust the Lord. They should know that God will help them.

11 You have lit fires and you have burned branches to give you light. So now, go and walk in the light of the fires that you have made for yourselves. This is the punishment that you will receive from me: You will fall down in very great pain.