Isaiah 32:1-8

An honest king

1 Look! A king is coming who will rule in a right and fair way.

Honest leaders will rule under his authority.

2 Each leader will be like a safe place to hide

from strong winds and storms.

He will be like streams of water in a desert.

And he will be like the shadow of a great rock in a hot, dry land.

3 At that time, everyone who has eyes will be able to see clearly.

Everyone who has ears will be able to listen well.

4 People who do things too quickly will stop and think first.

Those who cannot speak well will be able to talk clearly.

5 Nobody will praise a stupid person.

Nobody will respect people who cheat others.

6 Stupid people say silly things.

They think of evil things that they can do.

They live in a way that does not respect God.

The things that they teach about the Lord are false.

They keep food away from hungry people.

They give no drink to thirsty people.

7 Cruel people do evil things to deceive others.

They think of ways that they can cheat their friends.

They tell lies to give trouble to poor people.

So poor people do not receive the justice that they deserve.

8 But good people think of ways that they can be kind to others.

They do the good things that they have decided to do.