Isaiah 2:1-5

Words that cause us to hope in God

1 This is the message that appeared to Amoz's son, Isaiah, about Judah and Jerusalem.

2 This is what will happen in the last days. The mountain where the Lord's temple is will continue to be there. It will be the most important mountain of all. It will be higher than all the hills around it. People from every nation will go there all the time.

3 As they come, people from many nations will say, ‘Come! We will go to the mountain of the Lord, Jacob's God. We will go to worship him at his temple. Then he will teach us how to live in a way that pleases him. We will be able to walk in his paths.’

At that time, Zion will be the place where people learn about what is right. Yes, in Jerusalem the Lord will teach people his message.

2:3Zion was the part of the city of Jerusalem where the Lord's temple was. Sometimes ‘Zion’ and ‘Jerusalem’ mean the same thing.

4 God will be the judge between different nations. When they argue together, he will say who is right. They will take their swords and they will make them into ploughs. Their spears will become knives to cut their vines. Nations will no longer need weapons to attack other nations. They will not prepare to fight wars any more.

5 Jacob's family, come now! We need to live in the light that the Lord gives to us.

2:5‘Jacob's family’ means the Israelite people. God changed Jacob's name to Israel.