Isaiah 26:1-6

A song to praise God

1 At that time, people will sing this song in Judah:

We have a strong city, where we are safe.

The Lord has made it safe,

like strong walls that protect us all round.

26:1The word for ‘safe’ is the Hebrew word that we translate ‘Jesus’.

2 Open the gates of the city,

so that the righteous nation can come in.

They are the people who continue to be faithful.

3 Lord, you keep those people safe

who continue to trust in you.

You give them peace in their minds,

because they believe in you.

4 Trust in the Lord now and for ever!

The Almighty Lord will always be our strong Rock.

5 He brings down low the proud people who live in high places.

He destroys their cities.

He knocks down their cities

so that they fall to the ground and become dust.

6 The poor people and the helpless people

will walk all over it.