Isaiah 25

A song to thank God

1 Lord, you are my God!

I will praise you

because your name is great.

You have done wonderful things.

You decided a long time ago what you would do.

And you have done exactly what you promised to do.

2 You have destroyed cities

so that they become a heap of stones.

You have destroyed the strongest cities.

The beautiful palaces in foreign lands have disappeared.

Nobody will build them again.

3 So people of strong nations will praise you.

The people of cruel nations will be afraid of you.

4 You Lord have been a safe place for poor people.

When helpless people were in trouble,

you have kept them safe.

You were a place for them to hide from the storm.

You gave them shade from the heat.

Yes, cruel people attack them

like a storm that hits against a wall.

5 and like strong heat in the desert.

You Lord stopped the proud noise of foreign people.

Like the shadow of a cloud that stops the heat of the sun,

you stopped our cruel enemy's songs.

You stopped them as they boasted of their strength.

6 The Lord Almighty will prepare a feast on this mountain.

25:6‘this mountain’ is Mount Zion in Jerusalem.

It will be a feast for all the nations of the world.

It will be a great feast, with plenty of meat and wine.

The best meat and the best wine will be there.

7 On this mountain the Lord will take away the things

that make all people sad.

He will remove the cloth

that covers the people of all nations.

8 The Almighty Lord will destroy death for ever.

He will clean away the tears in everyone's eyes.

His people will not feel ashamed any more.

Nobody in all the world will ever insult them again.

That is what the Lord has said.

9 At that time, people will say,

‘Look! This is our God!

We trusted him to keep us safe,

and he rescued us.

Yes, this is the Lord!

We trusted him to keep us safe.

We will sing with joy,

because he has saved us.’

10 The Lord's power will bless this mountain.

He will knock down Moab's people

and he will walk all over them.

He will walk on them,

as if they are straw in a heap of dung.

11 Moab's people will try to escape from that punishment.

They will push with their hands as they try to swim out!

But the Lord will make their proud strength useless,

whatever they do to escape.

12 He will knock down the high walls of Moab's city.

He will completely destroy their strong place.

It will all fall down into the dust on the ground.