Isaiah 25

A song that praises God

1 Lord, you are my God and I will praise you. I will say that you are very great. And I will praise your name, because you have done wonderful things. You said a long time ago what you would do. And you have done it. You were honest and your promises were true.

2 And you have broken the city into a hill of stones. You have destroyed the strong city. The strong city that foreign people live in has gone. Nobody will build it again.

25:2Bible students cannot be sure which city this is.

3 So, a strong country will praise you. The city in a cruel country will be afraid of you.

4 That is because you Lord have made your poor people safe. You have made safe the people who needed help in their trouble. You hid them from the storm and you were their shade from the heat. The attack of the cruel people was like a storm that knocked against a wall.

5 And the storm was like heat in a dry sandy place. You, Lord, stopped the noise of the foreigners. The shade of a cloud makes less the heat of the sun. In the same way, you took away the songs of the enemies. They thought that they had beaten us. That is why they sang.

6 The Lord of Many Armies will make a feast for all people upon this mountain (in Jerusalem). It will be a feast of the very best meat, a feast with the very best wine. It will be a feast with the best meat that makes people strong. And people will drink the best wine.

7 And on this mountain the Lord will destroy the cloth that is over all the people of the earth. It is a cloth that covers every nation.

8 He will destroy death for ever. The Lord God will dry the faces of everyone who has tears in their eyes. People will not feel ashamed again, over all the earth. That is what the Lord has promised to do.

25:8In verses 7 and 8, the word for ‘destroy’ means ‘swallow’. We swallow food after we eat it with our mouths.

9 On that day they will say, ‘Look! This is our God! We wanted him to make us safe. And so we have waited for him to come. This is the Lord! We have waited for him. So we will be happy, very happy, because he has saved us.’

10 The power of the Lord will stay on this mountain. And he will walk on the people from Moab as people walk on dead grass and animal dirt.

11 And the people from Moab will put their hands into it. They will be like a swimmer who puts out his hands in the water. They may be clever with their hands. But they will go down like someone who cannot swim.

12 And the Lord will knock down their high, strong walls. He will throw them down. He will make them low and he will turn them into small bits of dry dirt on the ground.