Isaiah 21:13-17

A message about Arabia

13 This is a message about Arabia.

Traders from Dedan, you put up your tents in Arabia's wilderness. 14 You must bring some water for the thirsty people to drink. You people who live in Tema, bring food to give to the hungry people who are running away from danger. 15 They are running away from the weapons of war. They are running from the swords, bows and arrows of a dangerous battle.

21:14Dedan and Tema were towns in Arabia.

16 This is what the Lord God has said to me: ‘In one year's time, all Kedar's glory will have gone. Count every day, as if you are working to receive money. 17 Only a few of Kedar's brave soldiers will remain, with their bows and arrows.’

That is what the Lord, Israel's God, has said.