Isaiah 20

Words about Egypt and Cush

1 In that year (711 BC) the leader of Assyria's army came to Ashdod. That was when Sargon, the king of Assyria, sent him. He fought against Ashdod and he destroyed it. 2 At that time, the Lord spoke by Isaiah the son of Amoz. He said, ‘Go and take the hairy clothes off your body. And take the shoes from your feet.’ And Isaiah did that. He walked about without clothes and without shoes. 3 And the Lord said, ‘My servant Isaiah walked without clothes and without shoes for three years. It was a message and a prophecy against Egypt and Cush. 4 This is what the king of Assyria will do. He will take away people from Egypt as prisoners. And he will take people from Cush as exiles. Young people and old people will go. They will not have any clothes or shoes. People will see them naked. The Egyptians will be very ashamed. 5 They will be afraid. They had hoped that Cush would help them. And they thought that Egypt was strong enough to save them. 6 The people who live along this coast will say in that day, “Look! This happened to the people that we wanted to help us. We went to them for help. We did that because we wanted to get away from the king of Assyria. And now, we do not know how to get away from him.” ’