Isaiah 15

A message about Moab

1 This is a message about Moab:

In one night an enemy has destroyed Ar.

In one night they have destroyed Kir.

Those towns in Moab are now a heap of stones!

2 The people in Dibon have gone up to their temple to weep. They have gone up to the altars where they worship their gods. Moab's people are weeping because of what has happened at Nebo and Medeba. They are so upset that they have cut off their hair and their beards. 3 They are wearing rough sackcloth in the streets. On the roofs of their houses and in the open places in their towns, they are weeping. They fall to the ground as they weep.

4 The people in Heshbon and Elealeh cry aloud. People as far as Jahaz hear the sound of their voices! The soldiers of Moab cry aloud because they are afraid. They are shaking with fear.

5 I am very upset because of what is happening to Moab's people. They are running away, as far as Zoar and Eglath-Shelishiyah.

They weep while they climb up the hill to Luhith.

On the road to Horonaim they shout aloud,

‘An enemy has destroyed us!’

6 Streams in Nimrim valley have become dry.

The grass has died. No green plants remain.

7 So Moab's people are leaving.

They are going across Willow stream.

They are carrying away their things

and the food that they had stored.

8 Everywhere in Moab's country the people are calling out for help.

The noise of their sad songs has reached Eglaim and Beer-Elim.

9 Blood fills the streams of Dimon.

But I, the Lord, will cause even more trouble to happen there.

A lion is ready to attack!

Those who are trying to escape will die,

as well as those who remain in the land.