Isaiah 15

Words about Moab

1 This is a serious message about Moab.

It is true! In one night an enemy destroyed Ar. But Moab did not make any noise.

It is true! In one night an enemy destroyed Kir in Moab. But Moab did not make any noise.

2 The people in Dibon have gone up to their temple to weep. They have gone up to the high-places. Moab is crying about Nebo and Medeba. Every head is bald and they have cut off every beard.

3 They are wearing hairy cloth in the streets. On the roofs of their houses they are weeping. And in the open places in their towns they are weeping. There are a lot of tears on their faces.

4 Then the people in Heshbon and Elealeh cried aloud. People as far as Jahaz heard the sound! The soldiers of Moab cry aloud because they are afraid. The minds of Moab's people are afraid.

5 Inside, I feel like a man who is crying aloud for Moab! Its people have run away as far as Zoar and Eglath-Shelishiyah.

It is true! They weep while they climb up the hill to Luhith.

It is true! On the road to Horonaim they shout aloud, ‘An enemy has destroyed us!’

15:5‘Inside, I feel like a man who is crying aloud for Moab!’ Isaiah means that he feels very sad.

6 It is true! It is not wet; it is dry in the Valley of Nimrim.

It is true! The grass is dead. Nothing new is growing. And there is nothing that is green.

7 So, they carry away over the little River of the Willow Trees everything that they found still in the fields. And they are carrying away what they have saved.

8 It is true! The sounds of people who ask for help reach the edges of Moab. People as far as Eglaim heard Moab's sad songs. Moab's sad songs reached Beer-Elim.

9 It is true! Blood fills the waters of Dimon.

It is true! More bad things will happen to Dimon. A lion will wait for those who run away from Moab. And it will wait for those who remain in the country.