Isaiah 12:1-6

Isaiah's song

1 At that time, you will say,

‘I praise you, Lord.

You were angry with me. But now, you are no longer angry.

Now you have been kind to me.

2 Listen! God is the one who saves me!

I will continue to trust him.

I will not be afraid because the Lord himself makes me strong.

He keeps me safe. He rescues us from our enemies.’

3 When God does that, it will make you very happy.

You will be safe, like someone who gets plenty of good water from a well to drink.

4 At that time, you will say, ‘Praise the Lord!

Thank him for his help!

Tell all the nations about the great things that God has done.

Tell them that he is very great!

5 Sing songs to praise the Lord,

because he has done wonderful things!

Cause everyone in the world to know it!

6 Everyone who lives in Zion,

shout aloud and sing with joy!

The Holy God of Israel is great,

and he lives among you.’