Hosea 1:3-9

Hosea's wife and their children

3 So Hosea married a woman called Gomer, the daughter of Diblaim. Then Gomer became pregnant. She gave birth to a son for Hosea. 4 The Lord said to Hosea, ‘Call him Jezreel. This is because I will soon punish the family of Jehu. I will punish them because Jehu murdered people at Jezreel. I will cause the kingdom of Israel to come to an end. 5 At that time, I will completely destroy the power of Israel's army in Jezreel valley.’

1:3Gomer was a prostitute. Israel is like a prostitute, because the people worship many false gods. They do not stay with the true God, as a woman should stay with her husband.
1:4The name Jezreel means ‘God plants’.

6 Gomer became pregnant again. She gave birth to a daughter. The Lord said to Hosea, ‘Call her Lo-Ruhamah. This is because I will not continue to show love to Israel's people. I will not forgive their sins any more. 7 But I will continue to love the people of Judah. I will save them from the power of their enemies. I will not use weapons to do this in a battle. I will not use an army, or horses, or chariots. Instead, it will be the power of the Lord their God that saves them.’

1:6The name Lo-Ruhamah means ‘No love’.

8 After Lo-Ruhamah stopped drinking Gomer's milk, Gomer became pregnant again. She gave birth to another son. 9 Then the Lord said, ‘Call him Lo-Ammi. This is because you Israelites are not my people. I am not your God.’

1:9The name Lo-Ammi means ‘Not my people’.