Hosea 13:1-16

The Lord is angry with the people in Israel

1 In past times, when Ephraim spoke, other people in Israel were afraid.

13:1Ephraim was the Israelite kingdom in the north. Judah was the Israelite kingdom in the south.

People thought that Israel was important.

But the people sinned by their worship of the god, Baal.

And because of that, they died.

2 Now the people in Israel sin more and more.

They make idols for themselves from their metals.

They are clever in the way that they make these idols.

And then they say, ‘Offer sacrifices to them!’

It is silly to kiss idols!

They are idols in the shape of animals!

3 That is why those people will soon go away.

They will be like the cloud in the morning.

They will be like the low cloud that goes away early in the morning.

Israel's people will be like seed that a wind blows from the floor.

They will be like smoke that goes out of a window.

4 The Lord says,

‘I am the Lord your God who led you out of Egypt.

You do not know any other God except me.

I only am the person who can redeem you.

5 I did not forget you in the desert.

That was when you were in a hot dry country.

6 I gave food to Israel's people.

They ate that food. They became full and they really liked the food.

They began to think that they were important.

And they forgot me.

13:6God gave Israel's people what they needed (Exodus 16). It was God who fed them. Israel's people were like a child. The child needed a father to keep it alive. God gave them everything that they needed in the desert. But they forgot him.

7 That is why I will be like a lion to them.

I will be like a lion that is waiting by the road.

8 I will attack them like an animal that has lost her children.

I will break Israel's people into pieces.

I will eat them like an animal.

I will break them in pieces like an animal.

9 I will destroy you, Israel.

There will be nobody to help you.

10 Nobody can find your king. He cannot help you.

Nobody can find your leaders.

In past times, you asked for a king and leaders.

11 I was angry, so I gave you a king.

And when I became very angry, I took him away.

12 I have written about Ephraim's people's guilt and sin.

I will keep the words that I wrote in a safe place.

13 Ephraim's people will be in pain like a woman who is having a baby.

They are very silly!

They are like a child inside a woman.

It is time for the child to come out.

But the child does not come out at the right time.

14 I will redeem these people. People will not have to bury them.

I will redeem them from death.

Death, your illnesses have gone.

Death, you cannot kill any longer.

I will not be sorry for this people any longer.

13:14Paul, in 1 Corinthians 15:55, uses part of this verse.

15 Israel was like a plant that grew well among other plants.

But a strong east wind will come.

It will blow in from the desert.

Then Israel's wells will become dry.

The water that comes from the ground will stop.

The wind will take everything away that has value.

16 Samaria's people are guilty because they did not obey their God.

They will die in war.

Their enemies will knock their children down to the ground.

They will cut open women who are pregnant.’