Hosea 11:1-7

The people in Israel have forgotten the Lord

1 The Lord says, ‘I have loved Israel since he was a child.

As my son, I called him to come out of Egypt.

2 But the more I spoke to him,

the more he turned away from me.

My people gave sacrifices to the god, Baal.

They burned incense and they offered this to idols.

3 But it was I who taught this child to walk!

I took my people up in my arms!

I gave them health.

But they did not know this.

4 I led them with love and with kind words.

I was like a person who let them be free.

I bent down to feed them.

5 Israel's people refuse to return to me.

So they must return to Egypt.

Assyria will rule over them.

6 Their cities will have war.

People will break down the city gates.

Their strong places will not help them.

7 All that my people want to do is to turn away from me.

They call out to a God who rules above,

but he will not help them.’