Hosea 10:9-15

God will punish the people in Israel because of their sin

9 The Lord says, ‘Israel's people, you have sinned.

You have continued to sin since what happened at Gibeah.

10:9Hosea writes again about what he said in 9:9. Israel's people sinned very badly at the time of Gibeah. They were not able to stop doing this sin.

War destroyed those bad people at Gibeah.

10 Now I will punish Israel's people,

because of all their sins.

At a time that I choose, the many armies will join together to attack them.

They will cause Israel's people to become their slaves.

11 Ephraim's people are like a young cow that someone has taught.

They are like a cow that loves to walk on grain.

But I decided to be like someone who puts a yoke on the cow's beautiful neck.

I wanted to show Ephraim's people the right way,

so that they could work hard.

I wanted Judah's people to be like a farmer who breaks up the ground.

Jacob's people, too, must be like that.

10:11God wanted people to know him in the best way, like Jacob.

12 If a farmer plants good plants, those plants will grow.

He digs the ground to make the plants grow well.

You should be like that farmer.

Work hard to do what is right.

Then the Lord will bless you. That will be like your harvest.

It is time for you to turn to the Lord.

Then he will bless you, like rain that falls on the ground!

10:12The Hebrew word for ‘love’ means a love that never stops. This can be a love for another person or for God. The same thought is in 6:6.

13 But you are like a farmer who has planted bad things.

So your harvest is trouble.

You have worked hard to deceive people,

so now your food will be lies!

But you believed that you could help yourselves.

And you have trusted in your own strength.

You believed that your own soldiers could help you.

14 Your people will hear the noise of war.

Your enemies will destroy your strong places.

It will be like the time that King Shalman destroyed Beth-Arbel city in war.

10:14We do not know about the events at Beth-Arbel. We also do not know about Shalman. But very bad things happened in war then.

At that time, people killed mothers with their children.

15 The same thing will happen to you at Bethel.

That is because you did so many very bad things.

When that day begins, the king of Israel will die.’