Haggai 1:12-15

The people obey the Lord

12 Zerubbabel and Joshua, the leader of the priests, as well as all the people obeyed the Lord, their God. They were the people that the Lord had brought back to Jerusalem from Babylon. When they heard the message that Haggai spoke to them, they agreed that it was a message from the Lord. As a result, they respected the Lord and they decided to obey him. 13 Haggai, the Lord's prophet, then spoke this message from the Lord: ‘The Lord says, “I am with you.” ’

14 In that way, the Lord gave strength to Zerubbabel, Joshua and all the people who had returned to live in Jerusalem. They decided to work hard to build the temple of their God, the Almighty Lord. 15 They started to work on the 24th day of that same month, in the second year after Darius had become king.