Genesis 45

Joseph says who he is

1 After Judah said this, Joseph could not stop himself from crying. In front of all his servants he shouted, ‘Make everyone leave me!’ So there was no one with Joseph except his brothers. And he told his brothers who he was. 2 And Joseph wept loudly. And the Egyptians heard him. And Pharaoh's household knew about it. 3 Joseph said to his brothers, ‘I am Joseph! Is my father still alive?’ But his brothers did not answer him. They did not answer him because they were too frightened. They were frightened because Joseph was with them.

45:3The brothers were frightened because they had sold Joseph, as a slave. They did not know what Joseph would do to them.

4 Then Joseph said to his brothers, ‘Come close to me.’ When they did this he said, ‘I am your brother Joseph. I am the one that you sold into Egypt! 5 Now, do not worry. And do not be angry with yourselves because you sold me. Do not be angry with yourselves because God sent me! He sent me in front of you. He sent me so that I could save people from dying. 6 There has been a famine for 2 years, in this land. And no food will grow for another 5 years. 7 But God sent me in front of you, so that you would stay alive. And to make sure that your descendants live. 8 So you did not send me here. God sent me here. He made me an officer to Pharaoh. I have more authority than any other officer. I have authority over all of Egypt. And I rule all Egypt.’

45:8In 40:15, Joseph says that he should not be in prison. But everything that happened to him was in God's plan. Now Joseph knows that. God wanted Jacob and his family to stay alive when there was famine. That is why God did this.

9 ‘Now hurry back to my father. Say to him, “This is what your son Joseph says. ‘God has made me lord over all Egypt. Come to me. Come now. 10 You can live in the place called Goshen. You and your children can live there. And your grandchildren can live there. And all your animals and everything that you have can live there. And you will be near me. 11 I will give you everything that you need. Because there are still 5 years of famine to come. If you do not come, you and your household will have nothing.’” 12 You can all see that I am Joseph. And so can my brother Benjamin. 13 Tell my father how much authority I have in Egypt. And tell him about everything that you saw here. And bring my father here quickly.’

14 Then he hugged his brother Benjamin. And he wept. And Benjamin hugged Joseph. And Benjamin wept. 15 Then Joseph kissed all of his brothers. And he wept over them. After this, his brothers talked to him.

16 Pharaoh heard that Joseph's brothers were in Egypt. And Pharaoh and his officers were happy. 17 Pharaoh said to Joseph, ‘Tell your brothers, “Do this. Put food on your donkeys' backs. And return to Canaan. 18 And bring your father. And bring your families. Bring them back to me. I will give you the best land in Egypt. And you will have everything that Egypt can give you.” ’ 19 Pharaoh said, ‘You must also tell them, “Do this. Take some carts from Egypt. They are for your wives and children. And get your father. Then come here.”

45:19The carts were for the women and children to sit on. Then they would not need to walk on the long journey. Carts have wheels and animals pull them. (Chariots and cars all need wheels to move.)

20 Do not worry. You do not have to bring everything from your own country. The best of everything in Egypt will be yours.” ’

21 So the sons of Israel (that is Jacob) did this. Joseph gave them carts as Pharaoh told him. He also gave them food for their journey. 22 Joseph gave each brother new clothes. But he gave Benjamin 300 pieces of silver and 5 sets of clothes. 23 And Joseph sent these things to his father:

10 donkeys carrying the best things from Egypt

10 female donkeys carrying food and bread

and other food for the journey.

24 Then Joseph sent his brothers on their journey. As they left he said, ‘Do not argue on the way!’

25 So the brothers left Egypt. And then they arrived in Canaan, where their father Jacob was. 26 They told him, ‘Joseph is still alive! He rules over all of Egypt.’ Jacob was surprised. And he did not believe what they said. 27 So the brothers told Jacob everything that Joseph had said to them. And Jacob saw the carts that Joseph sent to carry him back to Egypt. So Jacob began to be happy. 28 And Israel (that is Jacob) said, ‘I am sure! My son Joseph is still alive! I will go and see him before I die.’