Galatians 6

Be kind and good to each other

1 My friends, if anyone among you cannot stop doing a certain wrong thing, you must tell him to stop. Those people in your group who understand things by God's Spirit should tell him to stop. You should tell him what is the right thing to do. But you must be careful to be kind when you tell him. Remember that you yourself might not always be able to stop yourself doing something wrong. 2 Like people who help to carry heavy things, you should help each other to be strong during troubles and problems. This is how you will obey Christ's rules. 3 None of you should think that you yourself are too important. If you are not that important really, then you would be believing something false. 4 Each person should think about the things that he himself has done. And he himself must decide whether those things are good. If they are good, then he can be happy. He can be happy because of what he himself has done. He does not need to think about whether he is better or worse than anyone else. 5 Each person must live his own life and do his own work.

6 Everyone who is learning God's message from a teacher should give good things to that teacher. Every learner should give some of all the good things that he has to his teacher.

7 Nobody can ever make God a fool. Do not let yourself think that anyone can ever do that! If someone puts a seed from a certain kind of plant into the ground, that seed will grow. And the result will be the same kind of plant. 8 A person may do the things that, as a human person, he himself wants to do. And the result will be that he will die. Or instead, a person may do the things that God's Spirit wants. And the result will be that God's Spirit will cause him to live always. 9 So, we should not stop doing what is good. We should not get tired of it. If we do not get tired, then we shall receive a good result at the proper time. 10 So then, every time that we have the chance, we must do good things for everyone. Certainly, we must do good things for those people who, like us, believe Christ. Those people belong to the same family as us because all of us believe Christ.

Paul finishes his letter

11 You can see what big letters I am making now! It is because I am writing to you now with my own hand!

12 Those people who want to seem clever and important are trying to confuse you. They are telling you that you should let someone circumcise you. They are doing that only for this reason. They do not want anyone to cause trouble and pain for them because of Christ's cross. 13 Even those men that someone has circumcised do not obey the Jews' rules. They want to circumcise you only to make themselves seem great. They want to say that they have authority over your bodies. 14 But I do not want to say any great things about myself. The only thing that makes me great is our Lord Jesus Christ's cross. By his cross, the world has become dead to me and I have become dead to the world. 15 It does not matter whether anyone has circumcised you or not. What matters is that God has made you a new person. 16 I pray that God will be kind to all those people who live by this rule. I pray that he will cause them to be without trouble deep inside themselves. I pray this for all those people who are really God's.

17 I want no more trouble from anyone after this. The marks on my body show that I am Jesus' servant.

18 My friends, I pray that our Lord Jesus Christ will continue to be very kind to you. I pray that he will be with your spirits. This is what I pray.