About Paul's letter to the Galatians

Paul wrote this letter to the Christians who lived in Galatia. Galatia was part of the country that is called Turkey now. Paul had visited many towns in that part of the world. As a result of his visits, many people there had become Christians. Most of these Christians were Gentiles. That means that they were not Jews. But, at some time after Paul had left Galatia, certain Jews had visited these Christians. Those Jews had said to them, You cannot really be God's people unless you let someone circumcise you. Then you can be like Jews.
Paul loved the Christians in Galatia as if they were his own children. He was angry that those Jews had tried to teach wrong ideas to them. He was sad that the Christians in Galatia had listened to these wrong ideas. So, Paul wrote this letter to explain more clearly why they did not need to let anyone circumcise them.