Ezra 6:19-22

The Passover feast

19 On the 14th day of the first month, the people ate the Passover feast. 20 The priests and Levites had all made themselves clean for their special work. The Levites killed the lambs for the Passover sacrifice. They did that on behalf of all the people, the priests and themselves. 21 So all the people who had returned from Babylon ate the feast. Other Israelites in Jerusalem had turned away from the bad things that other nations who lived there did. They had decided to worship the Lord, Israel's God. So they also ate the feast. 22 Then they ate the Feast of Flat Bread for seven days. The Lord had caused them to be very happy, because the king of Assyria had helped them. The Lord had made the king think in a different way about the Jews in Jerusalem. He had decided to help them to build the God of Israel's temple.

6:19The Passover feast was to help the Israelites. They needed to remember how God had saved them from being slaves in Egypt. God had sent an angel to kill all the oldest sons of the people in Egypt. But he told the Israelites to put the blood of a lamb round their doors. They had to stay inside their houses. Then the angel passed over their houses and he did not kill their sons. Then the Egyptians sent the Israelites out of Egypt. See Numbers 28:16-25; Exodus 12:14-20.
6:22The Feast of Flat Bread began the day after the Passover Feast. Flat bread is bread that has no yeast in it.