Ezekiel 43:18-27

They must make the altar holy

18 ‘Son of man,’ the Lord God said to me. ‘Listen to me. They must make the altar holy for my worship. To do this they will burn sacrifices on it. And they will shake over it the animal's blood that you sacrificed. 19 The sons of Zadok are the only priests who can come into my house to work for me. I, the Lord God say this very strongly. You will give them a young bull to offer as a sacrifice for sin. 20 You will take some of its blood and put it on the points on the altar. Those are on the corners of its top part. And you will put its blood on the corners of its middle part. And you must put blood all round its edges. This is how you will make the altar clean and holy, separate for my worship. 21 You must choose the bull to become the sacrifice for sin. Take it to the special place. Burn it outside the holy place. 22 The next day, choose the best male goat that you can find. Offer it as a sacrifice for sin. Use its blood to make the altar clean and holy, as you did with the cow's blood. 23 After that, take the best young bull and young male sheep 24 and bring them to me. The priests will shake salt on them. They will burn them as a gift to me. 25 Each day for a week you must offer sacrifices to me. They are for your sins. Sacrifice a goat, a bull and a male sheep each day. They must all be your best animals that have nothing wrong with them. 26 The priests must make the altar clean and holy for each of seven days. Then it will be ready to use. 27 The priests can begin to make burnt offerings when the seven days are finished. They will offer the burnt offerings and the people's friendship offerings on the altar. You will all give me great pleasure when you do this. I, the Lord God, say this.’