Ezekiel 43:13-17

The altar

13 The man measured the altar with the same measuring stick. They had dug a hole that was half a metre deep and half a metre wide round the altar. Round its outside edge they had built a wall twenty-five (25) centimetres high. 14 The lowest part of the altar was one metre high. The next part was fifty (50) centimetres inside the part below all round. It was two metres high. The edge above that was again fifty (50) centimetres inside the middle part. 15 This top part was two metres high. They burnt the sacrifices on this top part. Its corners had points like horns that were higher than the flat top. 16 The top of the altar was square and each side was six metres long. 17 The middle part was also square, with sides seven metres long. It had a wall twenty-five (25) centimetres high round its edge. (They had left a space fifty (50) centimetres wide between the top two parts of the altar.) They had built steps up to the altar on the east side.