Ezekiel 43:1-12

The Lord returns to the Temple

1 Then the man brought me to the east gate. 2 And I saw the shining glory of the God of Israel. It came from the east. His voice was loud like the noise of water that pours along a river very fast. The earth shone with the bright light of his glory. 3 I had seen a dream picture like this by the River Kebar. That was when God had come to destroy the city. I fell down on my face. 4 The shining light went through the east gate into the temple. 5 Then the Lord's Spirit lifted me up. He took me into the temple's inside yard. And I saw that the glory of the Lord filled the temple.

6 The man stood there by my side. I heard the Lord's voice come from inside the temple.

7 ‘Son of man,’ he said. ‘Here is my throne. I will live here among Israel's people. I will rule over them for all time. They will never again do things that take away my honour. Neither they nor their kings will worship other gods or put their kings' dead bodies in this place. 8 They built the entrances and doors of their houses here. They were next to my temple's doors. Only a wall separated us. They did many evil things and they took away the honour of my holy name. 9 Now they must stop doing those evil things. They must take away their kings' dead bodies. If they do this, I will live among them for all time.

10 Son of man, tell Israel's people about the temple. It should make them ashamed of the evil things that they have done. Let them think about it. 11 Then they will become ashamed of what they have done. You must tell them all about the way to build the temple. Describe its entrances, its shape, its rules and how they must do everything. You must write all this down. Then they can copy the whole thing and they can correctly obey its rules.

12 All the top of the mountain round the temple will be most holy. That is the important rule about the temple.’