Ezekiel 40:5-16

The east gate to the yard

5 I saw a wall all the way round the place where the temple was. The stick in the man's hand was three (3) metres long. He measured the wall with this stick. It was three (3) metres wide and three (3) metres high.

6 Then he went to the gate on the east side. He climbed its steps and he measured the size of the entrance. It was three (3) metres deep. 7 Beyond this was a passage with three (3) rooms on each side. They were rooms for the guards. Each of these rooms was three (3) metres long and 3 (three) metres wide. The walls between the rooms were two and a half metres thick. Beyond them was a passage that was three (3) metres long. This went to a room towards the temple. 8-9 This room was four metres wide. It was the nearest part of the gate to the temple. Its walls were one metre wide at the far end. 10 The rooms on each side of the passage were all the same size. So were all the walls between them.

11 Then the man measured across the passage through the gate. It was six and a half (6½) metres wide. The space between the two open gates was five (5) metres. 12 A wall half a metre high and half a metre wide was in front of each of the rooms. (The rooms were three (3) metres square.) 13 He measured the space between the back wall of one room and the back wall of the room opposite. It was twelve and a half (12½) metres long. 14 The room at the other end opened into a yard. That room measured 10 metres wide. 15 The gate measured twenty-five (25) metres from the outside wall to the other room's end. 16 All the rooms had windows in their outside walls. And they had windows on the walls between the rooms. Men had cut shapes of palm trees inside the passage walls.

40:16The plan of these gates was similar to the gates in Solomon's temple.