Ezekiel 40:38-46

Buildings near the north gate

38 They had put a small building in the outside yard. It was next to the north side of the inside gate. Its door opened from the entrance room by the yard. There the priests washed the dead bodies of animals that they burnt whole as sacrifices. 39 In the entrance room they had put four tables, two on each side of the room. They killed the animals for sacrifice on these tables. They burnt some of these animals whole. But they burnt other animals for sin offerings. They killed other animals as sacrifices when people had done wrong things.

40 They had put four more tables outside the room by the north gate's entrance. They put two on each side of the north gate. 41 I counted eight (8) tables on which they killed animals for sacrifices. Four (4) tables were in the room and four were in the yard. 42 Someone had made the tables in the room out of stone. They put the animals on them. There they would kill the animals that they burnt whole. These tables were fifty (50) centimetres high and their tops were seventy-five (75) centimetres square. They kept all the things that they used to kill the animals on these tables. 43 They had raised the edges all round each table by seven and a half (7½) centimetres. They put all the meat that they would sacrifice on these tables.

44 Then the man brought me into the inside yard. Two rooms had doors to the inside yard. One was by the north gate and its door opened towards the south. The other room was by the south gate and its door opened towards the north. 45 The man told me that one room was for the priests. That room's door opened to the south. 46 The other room's door opened to the north. The priests who worked for God at the altar used that room. All the priests belong to Zadok's family. They are the only people that the Lord lets near to work for him in his temple. All Zadok's family come from Levi's tribe.

40:46These priests had to be of the family of Zadok. In Ezekiel 44, Ezekiel explains why God chose Zadok.