Ezekiel 28:1-19

God's prophecy against the king of Tyre

1 The Lord spoke to me. 2 ‘Son of man, say this to the ruler of Tyre. “This is what the Lord God says:

You thought that you were very great.

You said to yourself, ‘I am a god.

I am sitting on a throne. I am like a god with seas all round me.’

But you are a man and not a god.

You think that you are as wise as a god.

3 But you are not as wise as Daniel.

You do not know all secrets.

4 You have been clever enough to get many valuable things.

You have stored much gold and silver in a safe place.

5 You buy and sell in a clever way, so you have many valuable things.

You think that you are great. You think that because you are so rich.

So this is what the Lord God, says:

6 You think that you are as wise as a god.

7 So I am bringing foreign soldiers to fight you.

They will be less kind than people from any nation.

Their swords will destroy your beautiful city.

It will no longer be beautiful.

8 They will kill you and they will send your bodies into the sea.

9 Your enemies will come to kill you.

Then you will no longer say that you are a god.

10 They will kill you in the same way as they kill other people. They will kill you like people who do not belong to God.

That is what I say,” says the Lord God.’

11 The Lord spoke to me,

12 ‘Son of man, you must make a sad song about the king of Tyre. Speak to him. Say, “This is what the Lord God, says:

‘I did not see anything bad in you.

You were completely beautiful. You were wise in every way.

13 You lived in the garden of God (Eden).

I had covered your body with beautiful stones of every kind.

They were of different colours, red, blue, green, yellow and other colours too.

Gold held the stones together.

I made them for you on the day that I made you.

14 I chose you to keep my garden safe, with a special angel.

I gave you that work to do for me.

You lived on my holy mountain.

You walked among the burning fires.

15 You were not bad in any way.

You were completely pure on the day that I made you.

But later, I saw that you had become bad.

16 You bought and sold things. You fought for the things that you wanted.

That was your sin.

So I sent you out of my mountain to make you ashamed.

You no longer walked among the fires.

17 But you still thought that you were very great.

You liked to think that you were very beautiful.

You used your wisdom to do things that were wrong.

Because of this, I threw you down to the earth.

Their kings saw how you had fallen.

18 You bought and sold things. But you did it in a way that was not fair.

That is how your temples became no longer pure.

So I made a fire come out of you to burn you up.

Everyone saw you become ashes on the ground.

19 The nations who knew you are very afraid. They were not happy at all.

They saw that your life had such a bad end. So they were not happy.

You will not be alive again.’ ” ’