Ezekiel 20:45-49

A message about the south of Israel

45 The Lord gave this message to me: 46 ‘Son of man, look towards the south. Speak my message to the people there. Warn the forests in the dry land of the south. 47 Say to those forests, “Listen to this message from the Lord. This is what the Almighty Lord says: Listen! I will start a fire to burn you. The fire will destroy all the green trees and all the dry trees. Nobody will be able to stop that fire. From the dry land in the south, all the way to the north, the fire will burn everything. 48 Everyone will see that I, the Lord, started the fire. Nobody will be able to stop it burning.” ’

20:48Chapter 21 explains the meaning of this picture of a strong fire.

49 Then I said, ‘Almighty Lord, “The people are already saying that my stories make them confused.” ’