Ezekiel 10

God's glory leaves the temple

1 I looked and I saw something like a throne of blue stone. It was high over the heads of the cherubs. 2 The Lord spoke to the man with white clothes. ‘Go between the wheels under the living things,’ he said. ‘See the stones that are burning among the cherubs. Fill your hands with them. Then throw them all over the city.’ The man went in. And I watched him while he went in.

3 The cherubs stood at the south side of the temple. A cloud filled the inside yard. 4 Then the Lord's glory rose up. It went from above the cherubs. Then it moved to the outside door of the temple. The cloud filled the temple. And the Lord's glory shone through the whole inside yard. 5 I could hear the noise of the cherubs' wings as far as the outside yard. The noise was like the voice of the great and powerful God when he speaks.

6 The man in white clothes went and he stood next to a wheel. He did this when the Lord said, ‘Take fire from among the wheels. Take it from under the cherubs.’

7 Then one of the cherubs put his hand into the fire. He took some fire. He put it into the man's hands. Then the man in white clothes went out. 8 (The cherubs had hands under their wings. They were like the hands of a man.)

9 I looked and I saw four wheels next to the cherubs. There was one wheel next to each cherub. And the wheels shone like broken ice. 10 All the four wheels looked the same. Each had a wheel inside a wheel. 11 When the cherubs moved, they could go in any direction. They all moved together to go where they wanted. They did not have to turn round to change their direction. 12 All their bodies were covered with eyes. This included their backs, hands and wings. And eyes covered the wheels. 13 A voice gave the wheels the name, ‘fast moving wheels’.

10:13See Ezekiel 1:15-21.

14 Each of the cherubs had four faces. One face was the face of a bull. And the second was the face of a man. The third face was a lion's face. And the fourth face was the face of an eagle.

15 I had seen the same cherubs by the River Kebar. 16 When they rose in the air, the wheels rose too. They put out their wings to fly. And then the wheels stayed by them. 17 When the cherubs stood still, the wheels also stood still. And when the cherubs rose in the air, the wheels also rose. This was because the same spirit ruled them all. 18 Then the glory of the Lord left the outside door of the temple. It moved to a place above the cherubs. 19 They put out their wings. So they flew up from the earth. And the wheels went with them. They stopped by the east gate of the Lord's house. And the glory of Israel's God was above them.

20 They were the same living things that I had seen before. They were under the God of Israel. And I knew that they were called cherubs. 21 Each of them had four faces and four wings. And they had something that looked like a hand under each wing. 22 Their faces were the same as those that I had seen by the river Kebar. Each of them moved along a straight path.