Exodus 39:8-21

The breastpiece

8 A worker used special skills to make the breastpiece, so that it looked beautiful. He made it like the ephod. He used gold, blue, purple and red material as well as good linen to make it. 9 They bent a piece of cloth over to make a square pocket, 22 centimetres long and 22 centimetres wide. 10 Then they fixed four rows of jewels on it. These are the names of the jewels: A ruby, a topaz and a beryl in the first row. 11 A turquoise, a sapphire and an emerald in the second row. 12 A jacinth, an agate and an amethyst in the third row. 13 A chrysolite, an onyx and a jasper in the fourth row. They fixed each jewel into beautiful gold around its edges. 14 There were 12 jewels, one jewel for each of Israel's sons. They used a sharp tool to write one tribe's name on each jewel.

39:10Each of the jewels was a different colour.

15 They used pure gold to make two thin chains like strings, to fix the breastpiece to the ephod 16 Then they made two gold rings with beautiful gold around the edges. They fixed the rings to the two top corners of the breastpiece. 17 They fixed the two gold chains to the rings on the corners of the breastpiece. 18 They fixed the other ends of the two chains to the shoulder pieces of the ephod, in the front. They joined them to the gold pieces that held the onyx stones.

19 They made two gold rings and they fixed them to the bottom corners of the breastpiece. They were on its inside edge, next to the ephod. 20 Then they made two more gold rings. They fixed them to the bottom edge of the shoulder pieces, on the front of the ephod. They put the rings just above the ephod's belt. 21 They used a string of blue material to tie the rings of the breastpiece to the rings of the ephod. They fixed them together above the ephod's belt, so that the breastpiece would not become separate. The workers made all these things as the Lord had commanded Moses.