Exodus 39:2-7

The ephod

2 The workers used gold, and blue, purple and red material, as well as good linen, to make the ephod. 3 They used a hammer to hit the gold to make thin pieces. Then they cut these pieces into narrow strings. A worker with special skills used the gold strings to make the blue, purple and red material, and the good linen, look very beautiful. 4 The workers fixed pieces of cloth on the two edges of the ephod. These pieces went over the priest's shoulders to join the front and the back parts of the ephod.

5 They made the beautiful belt to tie around the ephod. The belt and the ephod were one piece of work. They used the same materials to make both of them: gold, blue, purple and red material and good linen. They made them in the way that the Lord had commanded Moses.

6 The workers fixed the onyx stones into beautiful gold around their edges. A worker used a sharp tool to write on them the names of the sons of Israel. 7 They fixed the two onyx stones on the shoulder pieces of the ephod. They showed the names of the 12 sons of Israel, so that the Lord would remember to bless his people. The Lord had commanded Moses to do this.