Exodus 38:9-20

The yard of the tabernacle

9 Bezaelel made the yard around the tent. The south side of the yard was 45 metres long. It had curtains that they made from good linen. 10 He made 20 poles and 20 bronze bases to hold the poles. He used silver to make hooks and sticks to hold the curtains. 11 The north side of the yard was also 45 metres long. It also had 20 poles and their bronze bases, as well as their silver hooks and sticks.

12 The west end of the yard was 23 metres long. It had curtains with 10 poles and their 10 bronze bases. The poles had silver hooks and sticks. 13 The entrance of the yard was at its east end. That end was also 23 metres long. 14-15 There were 7 metres of curtain on each side of the entrance. Three poles with their bases held the curtains on each side. 16 They used good linen to make all the curtains around the yard.

17 All the poles had bronze bases to hold them. But they used silver to make the hooks that were on the poles, and the sticks. They covered the tops of the poles with silver too. All the poles around the yard had silver sticks to join them together.

18 They used blue, purple and red material, as well as good linen, to make the curtain for the entrance of the yard. A worker used special skills so that it looked beautiful. It was 9 metres wide and 2.2 metres high. All the curtains around the yard were 2.2 metres high. 19 Four poles in bronze bases held the curtain at the entrance. They had silver hooks and silver sticks. Silver also covered the tops of the poles. 20 They used bronze to make the pegs that fixed the tabernacle to the ground. They also made bronze pegs to fix all the curtains around the yard to the ground.