Exodus 38:1-8

The altar for burnt offerings

1 Bezalel used acacia wood to build the altar for burnt offerings. It was square, 2.2 metres long and 2.2 metres wide. It was 1.3 metres high. 2 He made four horns, one at each corner of the altar. The horns and the altar itself were one piece of work. He covered the whole altar with bronze. 3 He made all the tools for the altar with bronze. He made pots to remove the ashes, spades and bowls. He made forks for the meat and dishes to carry the fire.

38:1Bezalel was the leader of the work but he did not do everything himself. He could teach other people to do it. See Exodus 35:34.

4 He used bronze to make a square net for the altar. He fixed it inside the altar, in the middle between the top and the ground. 5 He used bronze to make four rings. He fixed them to the four corners of the net. The poles would go through these rings. 6 He used acacia wood to make the poles. He covered them with bronze. 7 He put the poles through the rings on each side of the altar, to carry it. He used boards to make the altar so that it was empty inside.

8 He used bronze to make a large bowl for water, and a base for it to stand on. He used the bronze from small mirrors to make these things. The mirrors had belonged to women who worked at the entrance of the Tent of Meeting.