Exodus 37:1-9

The Covenant Box

1 Bezalel used acacia wood to make the Covenant Box. It was one metre long, 75 centimetres wide and 75 centimetres high. 2 He covered it with gold, inside and outside. He built up the edges of the box with gold. 3 He made four gold rings for it and he fixed them to its four feet. He fixed two rings on one side and two rings on the other side. 4 He used acacia wood to make two poles. He also covered them with gold. 5 He pushed the poles through the rings on the sides of the Covenant Box, to carry it.

37:1Bezalel was the leader of the work but he did not do everything himself. He could teach other people to do it. See Exodus 35:34.

6 He used pure gold to make the special lid for the Covenant Box. It was one metre long and 75 centimetres wide. 7 He used gold to make images of two cherubs. He used a hammer to make them the right shape. He made them to stand at the two ends of the lid. 8 One cherub stood at one end of the lid and one cherub stood at the other end. He made the two cherubs and the lid from one piece of gold. 9 The cherubs looked at each other and they watched over the lid. Their wings touched each other over the top of the lid.