Exodus 36

1 Then Moses said, ‘So Bezalel and Oholiab will do the work that the Lord has commanded. And every person that the Lord has made wise will work with them. They will build the Holy Place that the Lord has commanded.’

2 Then Moses brought together Bezalel, Oholiab and every wise person who enjoyed work. These were people that the Lord had prepared. 3 They received from Moses all the gifts that the Israelites had brought. They would use these gifts to build the Holy Place. And the Israelites continued to bring gifts every morning. 4 Then the wise workers who were building the Holy Place left the work. They went to Moses and they said, 5 ‘The people are bringing more gifts than we need for the Tent of Meeting. This is what the Lord has commanded us to do.’

6 Then Moses gave a command and he sent it round the whole camp. He said, ‘No man or woman must offer anything more for the Holy Place.’ So Moses did not let the Israelites bring any more gifts. 7 The workers already had more gifts than they needed.

The tabernacle

8 All the wise workers made the tabernacle with ten curtains of good linen. The same wise people used blue, purple and red cotton to make pictures of angels in the curtains. 9 All the curtains were the same size. They were 12½ metres long and 1¾ metres wide. 10 The workers fixed five of the curtains to make one large curtain. Then they did the same thing with the other five curtains. 11 They made 50 rings of blue material along the edge of the last curtain in each set. 12 These rings were opposite each other. 13 Then they made 50 small pieces of gold to fix each pair of rings. So they fastened the two sets of curtains each to the other and the tabernacle became one thing.

14 The workers made 11 curtains out of goats' hair for a tent to cover the tabernacle.

15 The 11 curtains were all the same size. They were 13½ metres long and 1¾ metres wide. 16 They fastened five of the curtains into one set and six of the curtains into another set. 17 Then they made 50 rings of material along the edge of the last curtain in each set. 18 They made 50 small pieces of bronze to fasten the tent, as one thing. 19 Then they used red sheep skins to cover the tent. And they used badger skins to cover the sheep skins.

20 For the tabernacle, the workers made boards that stood up. They made them out of acacia wood. 21 Each board was 4½ metres long and ¾ of a metre wide. 22 Each board had two extra pieces at one end to join them together. They made all the boards for the tabernacle like this. 23 They made 20 boards for the south side of the tabernacle. 24 And they made 40 pieces of silver with a hole in each one. There were two pieces of silver for each board, one piece under each extra piece of wood. 25 For the north side of the tabernacle they made 20 boards 26 and 40 pieces of silver, two pieces under each board.

27 They made six boards for the west end of the tabernacle. 28 And they made two boards for the corners of the tabernacle, at the far end. 29 At these two corners, they fixed the boards each one to the next, at both ends. They used a ring to fix them. They made both corners the same. 30 So there were 8 boards and 16 pieces of silver, two pieces under each board.

31-32 They also cut pieces of acacia wood to fix across the boards of the tabernacle. They cut five pieces for the boards on one side and five pieces for the boards on the other side. Then they cut five pieces for the boards on the west, at the far end of the tabernacle. 33 They cut a piece of wood for the centre to reach from end to end of the tabernacle. Then they fixed this at the middle of the boards. 34 Then they covered the boards with gold and they made gold rings. These rings held the pieces of wood that they fixed across the boards. They also covered the pieces of wood with gold.

35 The workers made the curtain out of blue, purple and red material, as well as good linen. A clever man put into the curtain a picture of angels. 36 They made four sticks out of acacia wood for the curtain and they covered them with gold. They made gold rings for the sticks and pieces of silver for the sticks to stand in. There was a hole in each piece of silver. 37 They made a curtain for the door of the tent. A person who could do wise work with material made the curtain. This person used blue, purple, red and soft white material. 38 They made five sticks for this curtain and they fixed gold rings to them. They covered the sticks with gold. Then they made five pieces of bronze to hold them.