Exodus 35

Rules about the Sabbath day

1 Moses brought all the Israelites together. Then he said to them, ‘These are the Lord's commands to you. 2 You may work for six days each week, but the seventh day will be a holy day for you. It will be a day of complete rest to give honour to the Lord. If anyone works on that day, you must punish him with death. 3 Do not light a fire in any of your homes on a Sabbath day.’

Materials for the tabernacle

4 Moses said to all the Israelites, ‘This is what the Lord has commanded: 5 Take an offering to give to the Lord from the things that you have. Everyone who wants to give something may choose to give these things:

  • gold, silver, bronze;
  • 6 blue, purple and red material;
  • good linen, goats' hair;
  • 7 red leather from sheep's skins and other kinds of good leather;
  • acacia wood;
  • 8 olive oil for the lamps;
  • spices to make the special oil and the sweet incense;
  • 9 onyx stones and other jewels to fix on the ephod and on the breastpiece.
  • 10 Every clever person who has special skills must come to help. They must make all these things that the Lord has commanded:

  • 11 the tabernacle, with the tent and the other material that covers it;
  • the rings, boards, sticks, poles and bases that are part of the tabernacle;
  • 12 the Covenant Box, with its poles, its special lid and the curtain that hides it;
  • 13 the special table with its poles and all its dishes;
  • the special bread that you will put on the table for the Lord;
  • 14 the lampstand that will give light and its tools;
  • the lamps and the oil for the lamps;
  • 15 the altar for incense and its poles;
  • the special oil and the sweet incense;
  • the curtain for the entrance of the tabernacle;
  • 16 the altar for burnt offerings and its bronze net;
  • the poles for this altar and all its tools;
  • the large bowl for water and its base;
  • 17 the curtains for the yard, its poles and their bases;
  • the curtain for the entrance of the yard;
  • 18 pegs to fix the tent to the ground;
  • pegs and ropes to hold the curtain around the yard;
  • 19 the special clothes for Aaron and his sons to wear when they serve the Lord as priests in the Holy Place.’
  • 20 After Moses had said this, all the Israelites went away. 21 Everyone who decided to offer a gift to the Lord brought the things that they wanted to give. They brought the things to make the Tent of Meeting and the things to use in it. They also brought materials to make the priests' special clothes. 22 Both men and women brought beautiful things because they wanted to do that. They brought gold things and jewels that they had worn. They included rings, necklaces and other beautiful things. When they brought their gifts, they lifted them up as an offering of gold to the Lord.

    23 Everyone who had blue, purple or red material, or good linen, brought it. They also brought goats' hair, red leather from sheep's skins and other kinds of good leather. 24 Those who brought gifts of silver or bronze offered them to the Lord. Everyone who had acacia wood brought it to help with the Lord's work.

    25 All the women who knew how to make things used their hands to make material. They brought what they had made: blue, purple and red material and good linen. 26 Other clever women used goats' hair to make cloth. They did that because they wanted to help.

    27 The leaders of the Israelites brought onyx stones and other jewels to fix on the ephod and on the breastpiece. 28 They also brought spices and olive oil. These things were to burn in the lamps, and to make the special oil and the sweet incense.

    29 Many Israelites chose to offer gifts to the Lord. Men and women all brought the gifts that they had decided to bring. Moses had told them about the work that the Lord had commanded them to do. So they brought these things to help with the work.

    Bezalel and Oholiab

    30 Then Moses said to the Israelites, ‘Listen! The Lord has chosen Bezalel, the son of Uri and the grandson of Hur. He belongs to the tribe of Judah. 31 The Lord has filled him with his Spirit so that he has special skills. He knows how to make many kinds of things. 32 He can draw pictures of beautiful things that he wants to make. He can use gold, silver and bronze to make them. 33 He knows how to cut valuable stones and make them look beautiful. He knows how to cut wood into different shapes. He is very clever at all kinds of beautiful work.

    34 The Lord has chosen Oholiab to help Bezalel. Oholiab is the son of Ahisamach. He belongs to the tribe of Dan. Bezalel and Oholiab can teach other people how to make things. 35 They have special skills to make all kinds of things. They can draw pictures of the things that they want to make. They can cut pictures in metal. They can use blue, purple and red material and good linen to make beautiful things with pictures on them. They are very clever at their work, so that the things that they make look beautiful.’