Exodus 30:11-16

Money for the tabernacle

11 Then the Lord said to Moses, 12 ‘When you count the number of the Israelites, each person must pay the Lord a price for his life. Everyone must do this at the time when you count them. Then no bad illness will happen to them as you count them. 13 Each person that you count must give six grams of silver. That is the proper weight that they use in the tabernacle. The silver is an offering to the Lord. 14 You must count every person who is 20 years old or more. Each person must offer his gift to the Lord. 15 Rich people must not give more than six grams of silver. Poor people must not give less than that. That is the offering that you must each give to the Lord. It is the price that everyone must pay for his life. 16 Receive these silver coins from the Israelites. Use the money to take care of the Tent of Meeting. Then the Lord will always remember that you belong to him. You have paid money for your lives.’

30:16‘Tent of Meeting’ was another name for the tabernacle.