Exodus 28:6-14

The ephod

6 Use gold, blue, purple and red material, as well as good linen, to make the ephod. A worker should use special skills to make it so that it looks beautiful. 7 Fix pieces of cloth on its two edges. These will go over the priest's shoulders to join the front and the back parts of the ephod. 8 Make a beautiful belt to tie around the ephod. The belt and the ephod must be one piece of work. Use the same materials to make both of them: gold, blue, purple and red material, and good linen.

9 Take two onyx stones and write on them with a sharp tool. Write the names of the sons of Israel. 10 Begin with the name of the oldest son and finish with the name of the youngest son. Write six names on one stone and six names on the other stone. 11 A worker who has skill to cut letters into metal must do this work. Then fix the stones into beautiful gold around their edges. 12 Fix the two stones on the shoulder pieces of the ephod so that they show the names of the 12 sons of Israel. Aaron will carry the names on his shoulders as he serves the Lord. Then the Lord will remember to bless his people. 13 Use gold to make beautiful pieces to hold the stones. 14 And use pure gold to make two thin chains, like strings. Fix these chains to the gold pieces that hold the onyx stones.