Exodus 27:1-8

The altar for sacrifices

1 Use acacia wood to make an altar. It must be square, 2.2 metres long and 2.2 metres wide. It must be 1.3 metres high. 2 Make four horns, one at each corner of the altar. The horns and the altar itself must be one piece of work. Then cover the whole altar with bronze. 3 Make all the tools for the altar with bronze. Make pots to remove the ashes, spades and bowls. Make forks for the meat. Make dishes to carry the fire. 4 Use bronze to make a square net and rings at each corner. 5 Fix this net inside the altar, in the middle, between the top of the altar and the ground. 6 Use acacia wood to make poles for the altar. Cover them with bronze. 7 You must put the poles through the rings when you carry the altar. There will be a pole on each of two sides of the altar. 8 Use boards to make the altar, so that it is empty inside. You must make it in the way that the Lord showed you on the mountain.

27:5The net would hold the coal for the fire and the ashes would fall through it.