Exodus 23:10-19

Rules about the Sabbath day and Feasts

10 You must plant seed in your fields for six years. Then you can bring your crops home at harvest time. 11 But in the seventh year, you must let your fields lie empty. Do not dig them and do not plant anything in them. Then poor people among you can eat the food that they find in your fields. After that, the wild animals can eat any food that still remains. Do the same thing with your vineyards and your fields of olive trees.

12 Do your work for six days each week, but do not work on the seventh day. Then your oxen and your donkeys will have time to rest. Any slave who was born in your home and any foreigner who works for you may also have time to rest. That will help them to be strong.

13 Be careful to obey everything that I have told you. Do not pray to other gods for help. Do not even speak about them.

14 Three times each year, you must eat a feast to give me honour.

15 Eat the Feast of Flat Bread every year. For seven days, you must eat bread that you have made without any yeast. I have commanded you to do this. Do it at the right time during the month Abib. It was in that month that you came out of Egypt. Nobody must come to me without an offering.

16 Eat the Feast of Harvest every year. Offer to me the first crops that you bring from your fields.

23:16The Israelites ate the Harvest Feast when they picked the first food from their fields.

At the end of each year, eat Feast of Final Harvest. Do that when you have finished bringing in all of your crops from the fields.

17 Three times each year, all your men must come to worship the Lord God.

18 When you kill an animal to offer it to me as a sacrifice, do not offer it with bread that has yeast in it. Be sure to burn all the fat of the animal on the same day. Do not keep any of it until the next morning.

19 When you cut the first crops from your fields, bring the best food to the house of the Lord your God.

Do not cook a young goat in its mother's milk.