Esther 10

Mordecai becomes powerful

1 King Xerxes caused everyone to pay tribute. Those who lived on the land had to pay tribute. And those who lived on the islands in the sea had to pay tribute too.

2 The Book of Years of the kings of Media and Persia records all the great and powerful things that the king did. And the book records how Mordecai became powerful. 3 King Xerxes gave very much authority to Mordecai and so Mordecai became very powerful. Only the king had more authority than Mordecai. Many Jews knew that Mordecai was a great man. And Mordecai always did what was right for the Jews.

10:3God is working all through the Book of Esther. The book shows us that:
10:3· God listens to prayers. He saved the Jews from death.
10:3· God is more powerful than any person is.
10:3· He loves his people and he keeps them safe.
10:3· God has a purpose for his people. The verse that shows us this is 4:14. It says,
10:3‘If you do not speak on behalf of the Jews at this time, help will come from another place. But you and your family will die. But perhaps you are queen for a time like this.’
10:3Jesus was born a Jew. If God had let Haman kill the Jews, Jesus could not have been born. But men cannot stop what God wants to do for his people.